It is true that we have a demo version on our site and it is true that amount of characters is limited in this mode, but it would be awesome to take a look an all characters which are available in the full version of the game.

Like I have said before, all characters are unique in this game, some of them have flying abilities, some of them have cool rockets boosters, others can perform jump tricks, etc.

All listed characters below are no difference, even though there are so many different characters they all perform unique special moves making the game a lot more entertaining and fun to play.

I will just list all of them below with screenshots and you can take a closer look, if you want I can even add a detailed description where I will list all of their special abilities. Just let me know via the contact form.

These are all the characters from the game and they all have unique abilities.

Albert, Rachel and Susie
Billy and Bobby
Helicopter Harry
Indiana Jones
Lawnmower Larry
Moped Mike and Mary
Pogo Pete
Santa Claus
Wheelchair Willy

P.S. Keep in mind that Jim Bonacci is rolling different updates almost on a daily basis, sometimes new characters are added as well. Usually, updates include events, different mods, some bug fixes. I have listed current characters from the full version of the game, but in the future, we might see more characters with their cool new special moves.

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