What is the demo version?  Happy Wheels demo has limited options in it, there are fewer characters, fewer maps, and fewer features.
 Why people love the demo version?  It loads really fast, it is simple and you can still play the main characters in it. For fast matches, this mode is really awesome.
 Is it true that there is a hacked version as well?  Yes, there is such mode, in this hacked version your main character is immortal, it allows you to make mistakes over and over again.
 What makes this game so popular?  Hilarious characters, dark humor, challenging maps, funny gameplay, different character choice, map builder, community, etc.
 Map builder?  It has a map builder, you can build your own maps in it, create your own obstacles and write your own scenarios.
 Who is the author of this game?  Jim Bonacci is the name, this guy pretty much single-handed made this awesome game and we all are grateful for it.
 Where can I learn more about this game?  On our blog, you can also visit different wiki pages. BTW we have some interesting articles as well, check them:

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