As you have noticed on our site we have a demo version of the game, there are other modes as well: hacked version, unblocked version, and full version.

People often prefer to play a demo version of the game because it loads faster and causes no lag.

In the hacked version of the game your character is immortal and you can safely jump on any obstacles, you won’t die anyway and you have as many tries and you want for finishing a level.

An unblocked mode is almost the same as full and demo versions of the game with a little bit of difference, an unblocked mode can be played anywhere, from your work, at school, etc.

And the final one is a full version of the game, the full version has all features, all maps, all characters and other options such as map builder available, the problem with it is that it takes too many resources and slow-performing computers may actually lag there really badly.

I have listed all modes, you decide yourself which mode is more suitable for you.