happy wheels demoFirst of all thank you for visiting my site and second I really appreciate your gaming taste, why? Well because you are interested in Happy Wheels Demo, one of the best game out there in its genre of course.

So what exactly makes it best and why I make such a bold statement, well let’s look at numbers in the first case since they speak for themselves.
– The game has millions of gamers all around the world, in terms of popularity it is pretty much number one in online games.
– Even if you will visit YouTube and search for videos related to Happy Wheels you will notice that all top YouTubers are playing this game, they share their videos and they get tons of likes and views, even PewdiePie has a video with this game, crazy right?
– Even if we will ignore the popularity of the game and look at how the game was built itself we will notice how amazing it is, with so many different characters, so many different levels, awesome physics, etc.

As you can see I have every right to make such a bold statement and call game number one!

Now what is this game all about and how you should play it:
– The game features pretty difficult different levels and your job is to finish these levels alive (you are allowed to lose body parts).
– You will face different traps, different obstacles and you should use your special abilities in order to overcome them, the game is pretty hard and it will take you a lot of time to figure out how exactly you can finish specific maps and how exactly you should play.
– In case you will get stuck on a specific map you can always ask the community to help you, like I have said game has a huge community, there are tons of videos where you can find walkthroughs, there are friendly fans which will answer your questions, etc.


Shift and Ctrl buttons – secondary action of your character.
Z button – eject.
Space bar – triggers the main special move of your character (each character has its own unique abilities).
Up arrow buttons – accelerate.
Down arrow button – stop.
Left arrow button – lean on the left side (lean backward).
Right arrow button – lean on the right side (lean forward).

Controls of the game are pretty easy to handle, I will list them below on the screenshot.

happy wheels controls

My own little world:
The game also has a map builder feature, if you think that you are creative enough you can give it a try, build your own track, place your own obstacles/traps and we will be more than happy to give it a try.

By the way, the main difference between the full version of the game and the demo version of the game is that the full version has all characters in it and the demo version features only a couple of main characters, apart from it everything else is pretty much the same.

The game has various characters: Segway Steve, Betty, Wheelchair Willy, Billy and Bobby, Lawnmower Larry, Pogo Pete, Santa Claus, Helicopter Harry, Moped Mike and Mary, Albert, Abigail, and Indy. Keep in mind that the game gets a lot of different updates from time to time and the list of characters can increase further.

Apart from characters, there are more than a hundred different main maps, all maps are interesting and challenging so you won’t get bored in Happy Wheels for a long time.

Learn more about characters of the game

It is true that we have a demo version on our site and it is true that amount of characters is limited in this mode, but it would be awesome to take a look an all characters which are available in the full version of the game.

Like I have said before, all characters are unique in this game, some of them have flying abilities, some of them have cool rockets boosters, others can perform jump tricks, etc.

All listed characters below are no difference, even though there are so many different characters they all perform unique special moves making the game a lot more entertaining and fun to play.

Learn more here…

This game on your device:

YouTube guide:
Many of you were asking me to include some video guide as well along my articles, looks like people enjoy more watching videos then to read guides. I will focus my attention on video guides as well in the future, I will make sure that all of my visitors are happy and informed.

With that being said enjoy your hilarious video guide below, I’m pretty sure that you will learn a lot about this game from this YouTube video.

The game has a lot of different interesting features, at the first glance you might think that it is just another funny game and nothing more, but if you will play it for a while you will notice how addicting and entertaining it can be. You have so many different possibilities in it and all of them are just amazing.

I already covered all the interesting aspects of the game but if you are still confused visit the ‘About‘ page where you read more details.

The full version of the game has all the characters in it, if you want to compare it with the demo version visit this page called ‘characters‘, there you can find all characters.

Additional details related to this ragdoll game can be found here, but if you feel like you are missing something or you feel like you could use more details, or if you feel like you still have unanswered questions check our FAQ page. If your questions aren’t answered there you can always send them directly to us via contact form 😉

P.S. Author of the game is one and only Jim Bonacci, a creative game developer with an awesome sense of humor which he added in the game as well.

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